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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sweet, Tender, Juicy Pork

     This morning was the Sellwood Middle School 5k.  Mom and Dad ran a fundraiser for the school, selling bags of apples.  Cy and I ran in the race.  To make a long story short, I had a great race.  I won in a personal best time, edging out a Reedie who'd been sticking with me (and pushing me to go faster) the whole race.  Cy did well too, he thinks his time was about 27 minutes, which, by my foggiest memories, puts him around a minute faster than I was three years ago.
     After the race, Dad and Cy started working on dinner while Mom and I went to get flu shots.  We returned home to a rich pork smell wafting from the kitchen.  While it was not always clear what they were working on, or towards, they created a great meal for us.  There were two sauces to go on the pork.  The first, was very sweet at first, though it delivered quite the kick at the end of each bite.  The other, was garlic and ginger heavy, but defied expectations as sharpened soy sauce.
     The pork itself was sweet, melt in your mouth pork, and had been garnished in the pan with a third sauce and scallions.  The other thing about the pork, is that we had a huge chunk of meat to start with, and five people cannot eat a huge chunk of meat in one meal.  I think it'll make awesome leftovers, though that may just be my protein-hungry leg muscles talking.  For sides we had excellent crispy rice, and mustard greens.

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