"Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it." ~Unknown

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pizzas Have Ridges!

     While Cyrus and I may be on summer break, true summer decided not to show it's face today.  Despite the occasionally wet and consistently cloudy weather, which Cy described as being like Hanoi, I went ahead with a plan for grilled pizza.
     We've grilled pizza with this recipe before, though when I stretched out the dough from this batch, all three pies were wetter and more elastic than normal, leading to fears that the pie would slip straight through the grate of the grill (talk about déjà vu).  While fretting about losing the pies to the hellish depths of a brazier filled with charcoal, I prepared the toppings.  There would be two pepperoni pizzas, and beet, feta and honey pizza.
     Once the grill was hot, Dad and I stood under the gray sky.  I held a cookie sheet with the dough spread out on it by the side of the grill, Dad reached out and flipped it on and for a few tense moments we watched and waited for it to slide through.  It didn't slide all the way through, only enough to create a delicious ridged side for the toppings.

Beets, feta cheese, and honey pizza
     The beet, feta, honey pizza was especially good, succulent, savory and, where the honey pooled in the ridges left by the grate, incredibly sweet.  Now, after dinner, we are packing for our trip to Italy.  We leave later this week, and will return on the 7th, another Sunday.  I predict we'll be to jet-lagged for anything special, though we might make an attempt as the week after that we will find ourselves on the Klamath River, rafting with cousins.  The week after that, the rest of the family will be here, but I'll be missing, off at a high altitude, cross country running camp in the Steens Mountains.  In August, I hope, we will finally return to a normal schedule for Sunday Dinners.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Back to Normal

     Returning to the routine of Sunday Dinner's has been hard, and so while I would have liked to return with an especially spectacular meal, we all agreed some simple, classic burgers were the best choice for this sunny and beautiful not-technically-summer day.
     In addition to the burgers, I put together a batch of basil-lemonade, and rootbeer floats are in the post-dinner works.  All told, an incredibly simple meal to put together after a day spent hiking in the Gorge, and a wonderful one to eat on our front porch in the shade.  It was good to get back to normal.