"Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it." ~Unknown

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mac' n' Cheese, Singlehanded

     Dad is out of town this weekend, in Anaheim for an annual produce industry conference.  Today, like the past week and the next several months, has been rainy and dark.  Mom, Cy and I spent it shopping for speech and debate clothes for me, and band clothes for Cy.  In the afternoon, Cy dressed up in his Halloween costume for the Monster March, a parade through the neighborhood which is led by the Sellwood Middle School band.  When he got back, his make-up had been washed off by the rain, and he was soaked to the bone.
    Since Dad's not here to lend a hand, I decided to hedge my bets with an easy, classic dinner, Mom's mac' n' cheese.  After an hour long whirlwind of work on the mac' n' cheese, grating cheese, mixing panko into the topping, boiling milk, whisking in cream, whisking in cheese, cooking pasta, I stood back for a few moments before mixing up a salad.

     This was a very basic mac' n' cheese, repleat in it's fatty, dairy-based glory.  The most notable part of the meal was that it may well be the most single-handed dinner that I recall making for Sunday Dinner. It was hard work for a simple meal, but well worth it.

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