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Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Twenty-fourth

     I love daylight savings.  Last night, I got home from my Speech and Debate tournament a few minutes before ten, and spent more than an hour describing the tournament to Mom and Dad.  I spent more time talking about the resolution from the final debate (which my partner and I won) than I did actually debating it.
     Then I woke up at half past seven, and discovered that thanks to that extra hour in the middle of the night, I got plenty of sleep.  I wasn't the only one to be happy to start the day early.  We went out for breakfast and a languorous hike in Forest Park, and got home before noon.  Dad booked our Thanksgiving break trip, and did yard work, and Cy and I finished up our homework before two.  It is amazing how much one extra hour, an extra hour very few people even experience, adds to a day.  It feels like today was two, or three, times as productive as the typical day; not an extra one twenty-fourth.

     For dinner, Cy decided to make drumsticks, with a sweet-sticky barbeque sauce.   While I didn't see much of the cooking process myself, I was off enjoying the extra hour in my day and the amazing weather, I did see the end, 10 chicken drumsticks covered in sauce.  Let's cut to the point and say that such a heavenly smell rarely wafts through our kitchen.  When the drumsticks came out, Cy plated them up with lots of rice and greens, and proceeded to cover it all in more sesame seeds than there are stars in the sky.  The drumsticks tasted great, but I have to say my favorite part was the way the sauce got stuck to your fingers, and wouldn't come off.  Even now, several hours later, I can taste the sauce, though not the chicken, when I lick my fingers.  Mmmm.  When it comes to chicken, Cyrus knows what he's doing.

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