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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ravioli, Take Two

The outside lights
Satsumas: 'Tis The Season

     We got our Christmas tree yesterday, Memaw, Bamp, Cy, Dad and I went to a farm in the hills outside of Linnton that we've gone to for four years running now.  We got a Noble Fir that sits just a few inches from the top of the ceiling.  For the first time ever, Dad put lights up on the outside of the house, we used lights and a schematic that the home's previous owner left us.  To fill out the festivities, we rented National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Today, Cy and I had breakfast at Fat Albert's with Mem & Bamp, then we spent the day at home with them.  For dinner tonight, I've planned ravioli, something we haven't had since the very first dinner we put on the blog.  Who would have known that we would be making the same dish almost two years later, and who would have thought we'd be making it for the blog.
Delicata squash
     Well, we are making ravioli, and now almost every flat surface in the kitchen is draped in ravioli.  We're making a plate of Delicata squash, it's a yellow winter squash that we like to slice, dust with brown sugar and dot with butter then bake, and eat.  We've got some meaty marinara sauce for the ravioli, and all that's left is to fill them and bake them.
     The ravioli are coming along quite well, about half of them have been cooked, about half are waiting.  None have failed yet, and Mom, Bamp and Cy are watching Sherlock Holmes, it came out a few years ago starring Robert Downey Jr., and Mom and I went to see it but Cy hasn't seen it yet, and the new one is coming to our local theater.

     The ravioli were excellent.  Despite fears from Dad and I that a lot of them would break open, because most of them had small holes, none of them did.  On a few the pasta was rather tough, but most were soft and the ricotta filling nicely set off the meaty marinara sauce we poured on top.  The meal was nicely set off by our dessert, six cake slices from Papa Hayden's down the street.

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