"Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it." ~Unknown

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Let the Break Begin

     Cy and I are out of school until next year, and to celebrate, Cy's making one of his all time favorites.  Mac' n' cheese.  We use the recipe from the yellow Gourmet Cookbook, and Mom first made it about a year before we started Sunday Dinner.  Cy fell in love with the recipe, and in the space of a week we had it for three meals.  For sides, Cy is cooking some winter squash and green beans.
     For Cy and I, it's been a quiet weekend around the house, but from what we can tell, Mom and Dad have been spending a lot of time at shops around the city.  There's a number of packages under the tree, and earlier today they came home, locked us in the basement, and then made a lot of thumping noises up and down the stairs.  'Tis the season for speculation, but by this time next week, we'll know.
     Right now, Dad and Cy are speculating as to the location of a pan large enough for all the green beans.  The squash is out of the oven, and the macaroni is about to go in.  We should be eating in a few minutes.

     The macaroni was good as always, the green beans were great, and the squash was good as well, plenty of brown sugar and butter.  One of the best parts of the meal was the relative simplicity of it all.

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  1. Those look like good side dishes. What was the main course? (HAR! HAR!)

    I think you'll have enough pork in the pantry to keep you in protein through winter.

    b/t/w - I just finished some Peak Bros' mutton and ribs. And man,....