"Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it." ~Unknown

Sunday, October 23, 2011

     One of the things Sunday Dinners have done is show us how every weekend holds something memorable.  The Sellwood 5k was this morning, and mom ran the apple sale that coincides with it.  Cy and I ran the 5k, which is 3.18 miles, and enjoyed the festivities.  This afternoon we got a few well deserved hours of rest to, among other things, read the paper.  This evening, (yes it's completely dark, at 7), we had the Quick family for dinner.  As far as I can remember, they've never come for a Sunday Dinner before.
     Because we had to meet certain dietary requirements for the Quick's, this was one of the more challenging recipe searches.  But ultimately, we found one, an ancho chili marinated skirt steak on a salad of black beans, roasted poblano peppers with onion, cilantro and red bell peppers.  The poblanos and steak are on the grill, and everything else is ready.  The Quick's are here, and it is time to eat.  
  The steak salad was awesome.  The steak was immensely flavorful due to its marinade. The beans were sweet, and the roasted poblanos, tomatoes and red bell peppers balanced them out.   In addition to the steak salad, we had Mark Bittman's No knead Bread, which has somehow become a Sunday Dinner staple.  The steak salad was from Sunset magazines October 2011 edition, and is definitely recommended.

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