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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short-Short Cakes

     Dad is out of town this weekend, a produce conference in Atlanta, and Cy wanted to make strawberry shortcake for dinner.  What, you ask?  Isn't strawberry shortcake traditionally a spring dish?  Well yes, it is, but today, it has been indistinguishable, from spring.  We were at OHSU in the morning, and the sky was clear and beautiful.  The warm weather has persisted throughout the day, and now the strawberry shortcake seems oddly fitting.
     Strawberry shortcake is rather simple, just mix the shortcake ingredients, bake and serve.  It was this easy for Cy, only a few extra minutes spent on figuring out how the food processor worked.  Food processors are very complicated after all, with all their fancy technology.

   The strawberry shortcakes were excellent.  The strawberries had great full flavor, especially for frozen California strawberries (never buy California strawberries, they're mostly water and not as much sugar or flavor).  The whip cream was sweet and full as well, and the biscuits were perfect.  Not off flavor like past shortcakes, and not burnt at all.  Excellent strawberry shortcake.

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