"Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it." ~Unknown

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn Arrives In The Rose City

Condi and Moamar

     October is harvest season, and this past week has been an especially extravagant one for us.  We have a quarter pig in our freezer, and fresh winter squash from the garden.  Cyrus is making red meaty sauce to go on top of pasta, and this is the first real fall meal of the season.

     The red meat sauce has spent most of the day simmering down, and has a little bit farther to go.  Earlier this after noon, Cyrus took part in the Monster March as part of the Sellwood Band.  He had a successful zombie costume, last night, Mom and Dad were Moamar Qaddafi and Condoleeza Rice, and on Friday I won a costume contest at the Cleveland Cross-Country teams Halloween party for my Katy Perry costume.  Tonight though, only the spaghetti is dressing up.

     The red sauce is almost done simmering, and the pasta is on the stove.  Dad's loaf of bread came out of the oven a few minutes ago, and the squash is only a few minutes behind the bread. The squash was a roasted delicata squash drizzled with olive oil and dusted with brown sugar.

The meal was excellent.  The red sauce could have simmered for a few extra minutes, but it worked out because dad's bread was a little crunchy and could wipe up the extra juice.  A great way to begin the fall.

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