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Sunday, May 15, 2011

It May Be May...

     This is May Fifteenth right?  Last year at this time Cy was grilling burgers and nectarines after returning from a camping trip with friends.  It was seventy and sunny.  Now it's raining and cloudy, not even sixty out there.  It may be May but it's not May.  Stupid climate change, messing up grilling season.  Instead of burgers, or shish-kebabs, today I'm making a "Tortilla Chilaquilles" from Rick Bayless' Mexican cookbook.
     Recently the lighter on our stove broke, the gas still works however, so Mom and Dad have become experts at lighting it with a match.  Right now the flames started by that match are sauteeing onions on our oh-so dysfunctional stove.  One burner doesn't work, and all the others have to be lit by hand.   It would be more of a problem if we were outside because of the dumping rain.

     We've shredded a chicken, chopped chard, grated cheese and are boiling chicken broth and pureed tomatoes with smokey chipotle chilies .  This is a dish which appears to be nearing completion, but I can't really tell.

     I've never had a chilaquille before, but I liked it quite a bit.  It had a patient spice, and you couldn't tell which part was spicy.  The sour cream and parmesan on top kept it nice and cool, and it was by far the best use of cilantro ever.

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