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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some Like It Hot

Vietnamese Sliced Pineapple

As always for Mother's Day, we went to Mimi's house for breakfast.  As always, we had eggs benedict.  Cy was planning to make a beef and bamboo shoots stir fry, but when dad put the Canadian bacon in the oven to keep it warm, Cy changed his mind.  He decided he wanted to make Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza. I thought he was going to do it on the grill like he did about a year ago, but the weather didn't cooperate.  Hail and rain made us make the pizza in the oven.
Now Dad is spreading sauce on the pizza in the oven, and Cy is slicing canned pineapple to go with the Canadian bacon he has already cut into quarters.  Canned pineapple is about as good as pineapple gets. The only better pineapple I have had was in Vietnam; they slice a spiral out of the side of the pineapple so that there are none of those tough bits.  Sadly the only time we had that was in Vietnam, it would seem nobody does it here.

The pizza was good.  Dad added a little aardvark sauce to the sauce, and the pizza had quite the kick. Aardvark sauce is a smoky habanero sauce made here in Portland. I wasn't the biggest fan, but everybody else liked it.  I guess some like it hot.  Speaking of some like like it hot, Mom says she has that movie out from Netflix.  Remember what happened last time we watched a movie with Marilyn Monroe?  Maybe we'll get that al-Awlaki cleric guy we're going after in Yemen this time.  Or maybe Qaddafi.

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  1. Getting a little hawkish?

    We had quite a Derby, and missed you. Consumed were:

    17 lbs pulled pork
    10 lbs mac n cheese
    10 lbs greens
    10 lbs rice
    1.5 gallons yellow jacket salad
    40 benedictine sandwiches
    40 jalapeno pimento sandwiches
    6 derby pies
    6 plates of brownies/bars
    180 wings
    180 wedges
    5 handles of bourbon
    3 cases of beer
    6 bottles of wine
    2 cases of seltzer
    70 capri suns/juice boxes
    $920 wagered

    Cousin Lucy won $230, and now has "the fever."