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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

     Cy and I got out of school on Wednesday, and what a summer it's already been.  It seems like the sun waited until the end of school to finally come out. It was overcast on Wednesday morning, but not that afternoon.  We went to Simpatica http://simpaticacatering.com/  for Father's Day brunch, and went on to a whirlwind of a day- working in the garden, making tomato cages, and picking out new rental art.  Now we've finally got a chance to rest, as tonight's chicken is on the grill.
     I'm making grilled chicken sandwiches tonight, and they should be great.  It's a fairly simple recipe. As I write this, Dad is bringing the chicken in from the grill, and I've set up all the other ingredients inside.  Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.
     Dinner was really good, the olive tapenade and mayo spread was immensely flavorful, and it set off the roasted red peppers nicely.  The chicken was nice too, and the arugula gave the sandwiches a little crunch.  We had asparagus on the side.  A good meal to top of a good day.  Happy Father's Day.

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