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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grandma Got An iPad

     Yesterday we bought Mimi an iPad.  Cy and I have gotten to use friend's before, but this is a new experience.  As we were teaching Mimi to use it, she was amazed, and reminisced how when she was a kid she had gone to the neighbor's to watch the (recorded) coronation of King George V.  Now, she had a "television" not an inch thick, that she could hold in her hand, take with her wherever she wanted, and watch events of much lesser consequence than a coronation in much less time.  She's playing with it in the living room right now.  While she play's Cy is making us dinner.  Even though this is a really nice day--possibly heralding that summer is here for good (we hope), he's not out on the grill tonight.  Instead, he's opted to try out the reuben's I made a few months back.
     Dad's on the oven, which he and Cy have turned into an impromptu sandwich grill, placing buttered sandwiches in cast iron skillets, and pressing them with pots weighted with water.  If last time was any indication, these are going to be some really good sandwiches.
     In addition to the reubens, Cy is putting together some catalonian asparagus and tater tots.  Both are in the oven, and are heating up the house to the edge of comfort, but I'm sure they'll be good, and in a few months this side of our house will always be uncomfortably warm.

     The sandwiches were a little burnt, though I think that might be Cy's fault for letting him grill them, as Dad is notorious for burning any sandwich that goes on the stove.  The tater tots and asparagus were goo, and all the dishes, Dad and Cy said, were fairly easy and no-frills.  It was a little stove-heavy for a day like today, but otherwise it was good.

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