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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Summer-Time: WHAM!

     For Mother's Day, Cy, Mom, Mimi and I went down to Corvallis to see our cousins.  The moms went out to lunch, and us kids built a great big bonfire out of, among other things, some old chairs.  We got back to Portland a little before 5, and Mimi had me drive her out to her house to get Maggy.  By the time we got back, dinner was ready.
     Dad stayed in Portland, and in the early afternoon our neighbor, Dennis, came over to give us some of the fish he had caught that morning.  So Dad cooked that up for us, and we came home to grilled salmon.  It was really good.  We ate al fresco, it got up to 93º today, hotter than it got almost all last summer.
     Now we're working on dessert,we've got some leftover strawberry bombe from last night, and Dad is hulling strawberries to go with it.  I know it's kind of an old, overused adage for this blog, but summer is here.  Not spring pretending to be summer, real summer.  Hide in your basement with a big cold glass of lemonade summer.

    Also, I got hired to lifeguard at the local pool this summer.

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