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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Solar Eclipse; a Fingernail in the Sky

The Solar Eclipse
     After the past few weeks, the rain picked the worst possible day to return.  While any day would have been bad, there's a partial lunar eclipse in Portland today, and an annular eclipse farther south.  Much to everyone's disappointment, the sky is a uniform gray, preventing any chance of our seeing the eclipse.  I opted to go for something simple on the grill tonight, hoping that it would give me more time to view the eclipse.  Alas, 20 minutes from the time of maximum eclipse, I can find the suns position as easily as I could find the North Pole--without a compass, in a row boat.  It looks like we'll have to wait until 2017 for another solar eclipse, though that will be a total eclipse.
     For now, the light's just a little strange, and our burgers are on the grill.  I've sliced up red onions and pickles, so now we're ready for dinner.  It would appear that the food will not be eclipsed by the eclipse tonight, though it would appear that the cloud cover is thinning.  Maybe, in twenty minutes the cloud cover will have dissipated.  Now, 5 minutes from maximum eclipse, the world outside is visibly darker.  With two minutes to go, we were all outside, staring (when Mom and Mimi weren't telling we'd burn our retinas out) at the sun.  Even with the heavy cloud cover, you could see the moon drifting across the sun.  Leaving a fingernail of bright sun.  The light is coming back, but it's still very spooky, like dusk or dawn.  But like neither at the same time, and like all at once.

     The burgers were very good, part of the advantage of being the first burgers of the season.  The eclipse was amazing, though no better than one of the numerous lunar eclipses we've had over the past couple years.  With the burgers we had sides of tater-tots and coleslaw, neither of which we're supremely memorable, though they both went well with the burgers.

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