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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Lamb (On the Grill)

We should get a good plum harvest this year.
     It's that time of year again, the sun has been out all day, the trees are sprouting their buds, and you can hear lawn mowers being fired up across the neighborhood.  Outside, we've brought our big grill out of hibernation for a leg of lamb.  While Dad was preparing the lamb inside, I went out to clean the grill, and after pulling it out of the shed, I discovered that it was... alive with mold.  I gave it a good scrub-down, dumped the old ashes beneath the plum tree, and called Dad.  He gave it a wipe down before lighting the coals.
     Side dishes tonight are asparagus and eggplant, both on the grill.  One of the things I always forget, and then remember about grilling is how quick it is.  Dad and I spent twenty minutes making sauces and rubs, and then twenty minutes sitting next to the grill, talking, and thinking about improvements we could make to the yard.  Then we're done.  I think we might want to eat outside tonight, it's warm and sunny out here.

    I guess our grill just isn't hot enough, an hour after we were almost done, we still weren't done, and our coals are dying out.  So we just transferred the lamb to the oven to finish up.  We won't be eating before 7, but that's fine, because the sun will still be up.  This was going to be a really good dinner, but our fire was unpredictable, and that got in the way.
     The lamb was really good.  The edges were crusty with the rub, and the inside was soft, the edges were salty with the rub, and the relish, sweet, set them off.  It was full of exquisite flavors that counteracted and balanced each other, and it was some simply some good meat.  The asparagus was good, made, like always, catalonian style, but this time on the grill.  Good stuff overall.  For dessert we've got the last of my birthday cake and ice cream to go with it.

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