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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Desayuno Para Cena

My families house in Tuis, Cartago, Costa Rica
     En mis dos semanas en Costa Rica, yo aprendo uno cosa: mi cena tipico de Costa Rica (un mez antes hoy), no es muy tipico.  El plato más tipico es "gallo pinto", para desayuno, gallo pinto es como panqueques en los Estados Unidos y es arroz y frijoles con huevos.  Tomar tenemos "refresco", un extrano tipo de lima.  Tenemos tambien muchas frutas y tortillas con huevos.  Leen esté pagina en íngles, aquí, está un enlace a Translador Google.  (To read this page in English (or any other language) click on aquí to open Google Translate.)

    Now that the cooking is actually under way, I'll write in English.  Right now, the refresco, limeade, is filled to the brim with ice cubes in the fridge, it took about half an hour to get the right lime-to-sugar ratio.  Dad started the rice. We've got two cups of rice on the stove, which worries me, because I don't think Dad realizes how much rice you will actually eat, when it is the main dish, not just a piece of the main dish, but the main dish.  We also only have two 15 Oz. cans of bean, which worries me as well (though not as much) and for the exact same reason.
     I've got more rice on and Dad is absolutely appalled.  I've also added the beans to the first set of rice, and I'm glad I got the rest of the rice on because in the first dish the rice is an afterthought to the beans and red bell peppers.
     I've finished up with the eggs, some are in cakes to go with the tortillas, and while they look good they aren't so perfectly round like those of my host-mom (though mine were getting rounder with each batch), others are scrambled to be mixed in with the rice and beans.

     The gallo pinto felt very authentic.  While it wasn't at all what Dad expected, it felt like the real thing.  And we've got a ton of leftovers, which will be good because true gallo pinto is leftovers.  The eggs and tortillas also felt like the real thing.  All in all an excellent breakfast for dinner.

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  1. u have a house in costa rica?? u gota take me dude.