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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weather Is Not Very Merciful

      Yesterday it felt like summer had finally arrived. It was sweltering outside, and by late afternoon I had fled to the basement with a book. When we went out for dinner our car told us that it was 86º outside (thats Fahrenheit if your wondering). Today however we are not so lucky. It's cloudy, and only made it to 70º. Despite all appearances, (including the heading at the to of this post, it's not June 5th.  Despite this strange time paradox, Cy's still going to grill.
     Cy's making burgers, and there is some sort of plan for an extravagant salad.  On the grill right now are garlic shoots. that have been covered in olive oil and vinegar.  Maggie is trying to burn her dog nose on the grill's black metal cylinder.  When she, strangest of dogs, succeeds, you can hear the sizzle from inside.
     The cooking time of fire is amazing.  Not moments ago Dad put the burgers on, now Cy is hurrying out with a metal spatula and cheese.  Cy is now slicing tomatoes and Pickles.  With the amazing speed of the grill dinner is ready.

     As always with burgers, dinner was excellent.  The garlic shoots where a little heavily charred for my tastes, thought the pea shoots in the salad were excellent.  One of my favorite things in salad is summer fruit, in this case it was nectarines.  Summer, I think, is teasing us this year with cloudy, but warm, days, and days fit for water fights and summer fruit.  We are at the mercy of the weather, and the weather is not very merciful.

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