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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Tender Rooster

A whole year of Sunday dinners has come and gone. Without realizing it Cy's dinner last week was our 53rd Dinner (it might have been the 52nd). And the first year passes with no fanfare whatsoever. It's been a memorable year for sure. Ravioli; propane explosions, grilled pizza, hoisin chicken, the Fourth of July, Alaska, Camp Namanu, sushi, lasagna, Cy's appendicitis, and finally my thumb, (which is nearly done healing) It's been quite a memorable year. In fact it doesn't really feel like a year at all. Wasn't it just yesterday that we took that walk along MLK as the ricotta sat at home? It feels like only a matter of hours ago when Lil and Lucy and Cy built their forts in the front yard. And has it really been two weeks since I gave myself a level one finger amputation? Where does the time go? It feels like it's only been a day-maybe two-and yet... Where does the time go?

For dinner tonight I'm going to make Philippine-style chicken adobo and baby bok choy, the recipe came from last weeks New York Times Magazine. The chicken spent the last few hours marinading and is now on the stove.

The Bok Choy is being sautéed and the chicken just went into the oven under the broiler. We pulled the bay leaves and chiles out of the sauce and put some rice onto the stove. The chicken got taken out of the broiler and is a beautiful golden brown color. The steam rolling off the bok choy and adobo sauce is amazing, water, in the form of a gas, just floating free through the air, flavor condensing. Now, we're just waiting on the rice.
It was good. Mom, Dad and Mimi seemed to really like, though Cy and I weren't so intrigued. The Bok choy was muy calor and the chicken was rich but vinegary. So vinegary in fact, a rooster would have been tender.

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  1. I made this same adobo myself, but deep fried the thighs like the restaurant that supplied the recipe to the NYT. (Why broil if you can fry?) I liked it -- having never tasted anything too vinegary. I read many of the cmts to the NYT article re proper adobo and was glad the discussion was heated. It's like a discussion as to whether there should be any tomato product in bbq sauce.