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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Processed and Fried and Glazed

In all the Sunday dinners there have been a few were a lot of the cooking fell upon Dad because Cy or I were sick or injured. There was of course the time I cut my finger off, (technically it was a finger amputation). Then there was also the time when Cy was making fish and chips and got really sick. Since it was such a good meal, and Cy didn't get to experience it with us, he's going to make fish and chips again.
Last night, Dad, Cy and I went to see The Green Hornet in 3D. This was the second 3D movie I'd seen (Avatar) and the second 3D movie that has thoroughly disappointed me. During the previews, they used the 3D to great effect, a snowball fight with the snowballs coming into the theater, a ticker tape parade falling all around us. Then the movie started. And the 3D ended. This drove me insane! In both Avatar and The Green Hornet, there were scenes were missiles were fired on screen, then exploded, onscreen. If they could do all sorts of cool stuff in the previews, why couldn't those missiles transcend the screen and explode around us? Just a quick note to Hollywood: 3D is boring if the only 3D part is the previews and credits.
Dad just dumped the fries into the frier, the bubbles exploded around them, steam boiled up to the ceiling. Now that's 3D.
After I prepared the Tartar sauce I turned around to see Dad opening a package of halibut from my trip to Alaska this summer. I'm not sure if these particular fillets are from the fish I saw get caught, but I do know that no matter the halibut, this is a worthy fate for such a great fish. Even the smaller halibut that we let go was an amazing fish, to think that a small halibut that didn't fight much gave me a run for my money is amazing and a testament to the power of the sea.

Dad made a bit of a cooking error, he placed the battered halibut into the basket while it wasn't submerged, the batter dripped down through the holes in the pot then got fried solid. He and Cy had to scrape the halibut and solid batter off the basket, leaving us an appetizer.
Dad claims he is now frying head cheese, which must be full of water because it's got more Snap, Crackle and Pop than Rice Krispies. Don't believe him.
The fries are now going in for their second frying, they are so good! Dinner is served.

That was excellent. The chips were as good as if not better than the chips you can get at any of the McMenamin's restaurants around Oregon, and the fish was amazing. It tasted as good as the same-afternoon caught just butchered halibut cheeks smothered in butter and onions on a beach in Alaska. The point is they were really good.

I'm hearing rumors of donuts for dessert. The donuts were amazing. Light and feathery, with a light cinnamon covering and a small outer crunch, glazed in processed corn syrup. Oh man. Processed and fried and then glazed in corn syrup, those donuts were about as bad from a health standpoint as it gets. But darn they were good!

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  1. Looks outstanding -- you could have used some of the left over vinegar from the adobo on the fried fish. Your dad made the error because he came up more on green river-style cornmeal breaded fried fish over the batter fried. As long as you have the fryer out, you should try some batter fried chicken and compare it to more conventional.....Keep up the good work.