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Sunday, March 21, 2010

When your propane tank explodes, just stick the turkey in the oven.

When we got to our cousins house in Louisville on Friday my uncle gave me an idea. He said that we should blog about helping him make a turkey on Sunday. Our plan was to fry the bird in peanut oil in his backyard. So, to heat the oil we would use a propane tank, what else? The last time that this particular tank hose was used was nearly five years ago. Little did we know in the last five years the hose had corroded. When my uncle, Clark, started the burner to heat up the oil before frying the turkey there was a small surprise. The hose burst into flames.

It was a very near thing. Had the hose been pointed a few centimeters the other way the fence would have burst into flames. a few centimeters the other way and my uncle and the grass in his back yard would have been a ball of flame. As it was everyone, and everything, was OK, however the flame was working it's way toward the main tank, if the flame got there the tank would explode sending shrapnel into the surrounding area. The Louisville F.D. got here in time though and put out the fire fast enough. The turkey was untouched.

Now the turkey is in the oven finally cooking, and Clark is making Bechamel sauce for the potatoes.

Our whole menu for tonight is turkey, potatoes with bechamel sauce and lacinto kale. The bird just came out of the oven with, since it was prepared for frying then baked, most of its rub still on. The potatoes were just mixed with cheddar cheese and bechamel sauce. They had been boiled in chicken broth. The turkey has been basted and the potato mixture has had parmesan, bread crumbs and clarified butter added and is now broiling. Some rolls just came out of the oven. We'll eat well tonight!

I was right. The food was awesome and I'm so full I can barely stand. After Colonel Sanders sized helpings of potatoes, turkey and rolls we had a red velvet cake for Timmy The Cat's birthday. It was so rich that most of us were barely able to finish half of their slice.

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