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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rack of Ribs

Cy was inspired by all the warm weather and decided to heat up the grill. So this morning dad and Cy pulled out our old charcoal powered grill to cook a rack of ribs, a huge, honking rack of ribs, they didn't even fit on the platter! As I was helping Cy with the spice rub this morning, dad was firing up the grill with hickory charcoal which provides a beautiful smoky flavor to the meat. We allowed the meat to slow cook and went to True Brew, a local coffee shop\bookstore to get milkshakes for lunch while the meat cooked itself in our backyard (oh, so, ill-advised). The ribs were wonderful, the meat fell right off the bone. Cy served the ribs with a delicious barbecue sauce from the Jack Daniel's Barbecue Cookbook, also buttermilk biscuits and a nice salad with blue cheese dressing. Don't be surprised when we don't blog next Sunday, we'll be in Louisville with our grandparents (huzzah for spring break!) I plan to try my hand at sushi the following Sunday.

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