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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Four C's (of Curry): Chicken, Curry, Coconut Milk and Cake

     Yesterday was my sixteenth birthday, and today I was busy with an all-day lifeguard re-certification class.  While I was at my class, Dad picked out a chicken curry from Mark Bittman's Mini Minimalist collection.
     It was relatively quick, easy and simple.  We chopped two onions and cooked them with curry powder, adding coconut milk, chicken and tomatoes in that order.  We served the curry on a bed of rice, with asparagus on the side.
     The curry was good, but it lacked the punch of an excellent curry, and it was because of this that it didn't compare to our family favorite curry recipe, which truly brings the full force of the potent Indian spice mix to forefront.  For dessert, we've got leftover birthday cake.

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