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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Simple, Does Not Mean Boring

     With Christmas just around the corner, it felt like a simple, not too big meal was more appropriate.  This morning, with no meals that wouldn't stuff us full to bursting coming readily to mind, Mom stuck a ripped out magazine page in front of me.  She said, "Does this look good?"
     "Sure," I said, only a handful of words from the recipe had registered, but two of them were "grits" and "andouille."  And the recipe said it only took half an hour.
     Dad and I started cooking around five, washing kale and stripping out the stems.  We boiled the kale, which was a little odd, but worked very well.  We made cheesy grits, and cooked the andouille sausage in a frying pan, throwing shallots and red bell peppers in the drippings.  Once the vegetable were soft, we threw back in the sausage, as well as the kale to warm up.  After a few moments, and the grits were ready, we tossed it all together on plates.
     The collection of kale, red bell peppers, grits and sausage made a festive sight, and a festive meal.  The warm, thick, creamy grits, were right at home with the sausage, and all the veggies toned down the fat of the grits and sausage.  Mom and Dad's favorite part, (and any other parent's I'm sure) was that any kid will eat kale (or broccoli, or brussel sprouts, for that matter) when it's covered in the delicious, concoction that is cheesy grits.  For a quick, easy, small meal, this one took us all by surprise.

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