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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving, Sunday

     This Thursday our family is going to be out of town, specifically, we will be in Las Vegas.  So instead of Thanksgiving dinner this year, we'll be at Delmonico Steakhouse, in the Venetian.  Since we won't have a true Thanksgiving meal this year, Sunday Dinner was the perfect spot to fill that void.  With Dad's help I roasted a turkey with vegetables, made brussels sprouts (and bacon), and of course the requisite family recipe for cranberry smash.  Mimi brought butter rich dinner rolls.
     We didn't start cooking until three, and we ended up eating a lot later than expected, just like every Thanksgiving dinner in fact.  Most of the cooking was sitting and waiting for the Turkey roast to cook, though some parts were incredibly labor intensive.  To prep the brussels sprouts, I washed, halved, and thinly sliced each of about 50 sprouts, all on our lowest of three counters.  (Speaking of which, Cyrus is now taller than Mom, and I'm edging up on Dad.)
     When dinner was finally ready, it was a feast.  The food and plates only just fit on the table, and I believe all of us ate more than we probably should have.  The turkey was, well, turkey.  A little dry, but plenty flavorful and truly great with a dollop of the cranberry sauce.  The roasted vegetable were also really good, the onions and carrots sweetening the dish, and the parsnips and potatoes keeping it on an even keel.  The brussels sprouts were great, they tasted green, but the bacon bits and pecan chunks kept them from becoming greens.  The rolls, brought by Mimi, were excellent as always.  And there's a few leftovers for tomorrow.

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