"Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it." ~Unknown

Sunday, September 16, 2012


     As summer comes to a close this September, our garden is in it's last great spurt of activity before falling dormant for the winter.  Our plum tree's branches are weighed down with more plums than we can pick, and our kitchen counters are covered with the ripe tomatoes.  This end of season bounty is far more than we could ever hope to eat before it goes bad, so all week we've been making prunes, freezing tomato sauce and plums.  In addition, we need to eat a lot of it now.

     For dinner tonight, I'm making a tomato sauce, with a small fraction of our tomatoes.  For dessert, we're going to put together a plum crisp, which will also use a tiny fraction of our harvest.  Once Dad returns with phizzini fixings and ice cream to go with dessert, we'll be able to eat.

     The meat sauce was excellent, if you have fresh tomatoes, I definitely recommend using them in a sauce.  The plum crisp was good too, though there is some danger from ingesting so many plums.  They tend to move through an intestine at speeds, like, well, plums through an intestine.  The whole meal was a great way to use our garden's bountiful harvest, and there should be some left over for Cyrus next week too.

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