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Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Don't Need To Comment On the Quality of the Burgers. Again.

    Last week, we were AWOL.  I had to lifeguard all day, and I had hoped that Cy would pen the blog.  Sufficed to say, he did not.  He did make dinner though, a picnic, that they took up to the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, underneath the St. John's Bridge.  Like last summer, these next few weeks, we will be gone a fair bit.

     We're home this week though, and we're going to make the most of it.  This afternoon we went to see The Beasts of the Southern Wild.  Mom cried, which I guess is as good a review as you can get.  Then Cy, Dad and I ran off to the David Douglas High School pool for "swim lessons" with Dennis Baker, an Olympic Trials finalist, and Masters World Record holder.  We got home around five-thirty, and got started on dinner.  Mom had lit the grill for us, and Dad and I went to work on the burgers for tonight's meal.  The burgers take only a few minutes on the grill, and as Dad watched them I prepared the requisite burger toppings.  As a side we've got grilled baby bok choi with romesco sauce and asparagus.
     After more than two-and-a-half years of Sunday Dinner, I don't need to comment on the quality of the burgers again.  The asparagus was excellent, greasy and crunchy with salt, the bok choi was good, though charred and far from great.  We've got a blueberry yogurt pie for dessert, and the Olympics for a finale.  Like whenever we make burgers, nothing spectacular, but still very good.

     Next week we probably won't be posting, though we might have something for you from our first day in Maine.

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