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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pizza, and the Perfect Lemonade Part II

     Memaw is in town this weekend, last night we went out to dinner at Tasty & Sons and this morning we went to The Pearl Bakery downtown.  Just to make things exciting for everybody, I drove both ways both times.  Then, to keep the anxiety crank turned full-force on Dad, I opted to make pizza on the grill.  We're going to have three kinds pizzas, a sorpressata pizza, a roasted beet pizza, and a leek and gorgonzola pizza.  We'll have an asparagus side-dish, and to drink I've made the basil lemonade that I made a few weeks back.  This time though, I've added an additional twist, making it strawberry basil lemonade.  Should be good.

     Once the coals are ready, it's going to be go, go, go to get everything done around the same time.  Right now Dad and I are doing a mís-en-place with all the pizza toppings.  Once the coals are ready we'll take the pizza dough, currently spread out on three sheets of parchment paper on the kitchen counter, and flip them on to the grill.  Once they've cooked a little bit, we'll flip them back over and add the toppings.

     That was really good.  We could have used about twice as much strawberry-basil lemonade, and I got some good ideas to improve it next time.  (Summer mission: create the perfect lemonade.)  The pizzas were very good as well, the sorpressata was a good, classic, american pie.  The leek was both light and airy, and thick and cheesy from the gorgonzola.  The roasted beet pie was sweet and salty, the honey and beets were beautifully offset by a sprinkling off salt applied to the top.  The asparagus, off course, was catalonian style, super greasy.  I've got to run, Cyrus has found a movie with Michael Hazanavicius, of The Artist, that Netflix describes as "The French answer to James Bond."  I suspect it will be good.  And we have a bowl of rhubarb crisp leftover from Friday waiting for me.

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