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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday XLVI

     Super Bowl Sunday has rolled around again, and as always it's mostly a chance to watch the ads, (and look out for Madonna wardrobe malfunctions), but Cy and I are settling an old score on this game, one going back to the last Pats-Giants Super Bowl.  Mom and Cy, are rooting for the Giants, as they did all those years ago.  I'm still for the Patriots, and Dad has gone for his lo-cal team, Avocados.  He's afraid they'll get mashed up and devoured.
     Like last year, and the year before, Super Bowl Sunday here in Oregon has been beautiful and sunny.  Today we went for a walk in Washington Park, and came back home, with a quick shopping trip on the way, to watch the big game.  Tonight, Cy's making fish and chips, while the rest of us watch the game (ads).  I don't think I'll be spending much time in the kitchen today.  I hope the food goes well.
     The food came into us with five minutes left in the fourth quarter.  We watched as the Giants drove down field, and their running back sat down into the end zone for the touchdown with a minute left.  We snacked on fries as the Patriot's came back up the field, and the Giant's were called for twelve men on the field, the second such call in the game.  The Patriot's didn't make the last catch, and it really was a twelve men call, the one on the Pats in the first quarter that decided the game.  Without the twelfth man, they would have had a red zone stop and interception.  Instead the Giant's scored.  The food was good, the salad used a mandolin, but there were no injuries.  It was a fennel, carrot salad with a ginger lime yogurt dressing. The fries were good, the fish was a little soggy.  Oh, and did you notice how the polar bears, had scarves that corresponded to the teams colors, and the bears emotions in the ad corresponded to the game? I thought it was a cool trick.  To bad there weren't any epic Jerome Simpson touchdowns.

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  1. Gents -- more culinary inquiries: what kind of fish? batter-dipped or breaded -- and if breaded, in the Green River style? what sort of potatoes for the fries? parboiled first or double-fried, or wha'? Fried in lard, canola, or?