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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sellwood-Moreland Sushi Dilemma, Part III

     I don't know what genius decided to have the NBA All-Star game and the Oscars on the same day, but I won't listen to either of them.  Defying tradition for our third Oscars, we won't be having nachos, and we won't be at the All Star game - having cotton candy hawked by man in a neon yellow shirt, or, medium rare steaks delivered by a man in a tie for those who can afford to sit courtside.  No, today we're going to cook something I've been wanting to make for a while, sushi.
Everybody is in the living room watching the red carpet coverage of the Oscar's, and in the kitchen we're almost ready for the fun part.  We've scooped out the rice, converted 1.1 liters to cups (4.5), set the rice to boil, made the vinegar dressing, (100 milliliters rice wine vinegar, 60 grams sugar, 20 grams salt), and proceeded to be really glad that there is only one system for measuring time.  Now, we're ready to break out year-old seaweed, and roll it around rice and raw fish.  It's almost as crazy a food as cheese.
     Tonight we're making cucumber rolls, California rolls, salmon sashimi, and unagi.  Dad is making the unagi and sashimi, and he's slicing the ingredients for the cucumber and California rolls.  Together, this should only take fifteen or twenty minutes, so we should be done in time to see all of the awards.
     We got the sushi made in time, and it was great.  By the time they had presented the third or fourth award, all but the last few rolls were gone, and we settled in for the show.  The Cirque Du Soleil piece was amazing, Hugo swept the night, the Bridesmaid people were funny, and a silent film won best picture.  Those guys know this 2012, right?  The sushi, was very good, though like the last couple of times we've made it, the rice was inexplicably a little gummy, and of course we suffered from the Sellwood-Moreland Sushi Dilemma.  Like the sushi restaurant in our neighborhood, the pieces were a little too large. Leaving us with the dilemma of whether to stuff our faces all at once, or to take two bites at which point the roll is falling apart. We think we need to rinse the rice a little more before cooking.  Maybe we'll have it down next time.

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  1. Good post. I thought the Japanese sushi rice was supposed to be a tad sticky to help the whole thing stay together.

    There's a few places here -- and I assume elsewhere -- that will take the whole roll "loaf" and deep fry it, and then slice it -- oh, and then spray sriracha over the mess. Awesome!