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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pork Chops to Brownies, Family Classics

Canadian "Candy"
     It's currently 5 PM, and completely dark outside.  It must be winter here in the Pacific Northwest, because in addition to the darkness, it's raining.  Since it's winter, Cyrus is making a winter time staple for our family, pork chops.  as with the past few dinners, the pork chops are from our 1/4 pig, and are guaranteed to be good.  With the pork chops, we'll be having the all important apple and pasta side-dishes.
    For as long as I can remember, that's the way we've had pork chops, with apples cooked in butter, and buttery, buttery pasta.  Actually, I think I look forward to the apples and the pasta more than the pork chops. Cy is also making squash and baked apples, and earlier in the day, Dad made brownies for dessert.
   The squash is out of the oven now, and Cy is grinding it and the baked apples through a grape juicer to make a casserole-puree.  It's a new recipe, but it should be good.  Since we're are still waiting on the cooked apples, the pork chops haven't been started yet, but they should be en route soon.

     It was an excellent meal, the apples were sweet, moist and buttery as ever, and the pork chops were done quite well.  They were crunchy, and slightly spicy, because the batter Cy used had some cayenne in it.  The casserole-puree was very sweet and dessert-like, because it had been pulped so finely.  For the real dessert, we had Dad's specialty brownies, the ones that look like they've been sculpted from tumultous lava.  A great precursor to Turkey Week.

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