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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Mimi!

      The kid came home from college for winter break.  He's the very first member of his family to attend college, and his dad thinks it might be a waste of money.  The dad asks, "Son, what are they teachin' you at that school?"   "Well," the son answers, "they taught me that πr²"
     Outraged at the waste of his hard earned money, the dad exclaims, "Everybody knows pie are round!"

     If you didn't know πr² is pronounced "pi are square" and is the formula for the area of a circle (r stands for the radius of the circle).  Archimedes gave the first estimate of pi (which is an irrational number, it has no end).  The Ancient Egyptians approximated it as 3.1605, the Babylonians used 3.125 and pi appeared in the Bible as simply 3.  In Japan mathematicians came up with the number .785 which when multiplied by the diameter of the circle squared resulted in the area of the circle.  Pi today is approximated at 3.14, and the world record for digits of pi memorized is 67,890.
     Since pies are round and pis r², I decided to make a square pie for dessert.  Since tomorrow is Mimi's birthday, I asked her what she would like and we settled on Sloppy Joe's for the main course, with a side of greens from our garden.

     The Sloppy Joe's are simmering on the stove, in all their ketchup, brown sugar, onion glory.  Not to mention the good smell.  Dad is putting on the bacon that's the prerequisite for the greens.  Mmm.  Bacon.

     The Sloppy Joe's were excellent. They had that rare feeling of food that is truly American.  Ground beef, mixed with Mongolian fish/tomato sauce (yes, that's ketchup), Worcestershire sauce, paprika, mustard, and onions.  Like America, a melting pot of flavors, ideas, and tastes.  The greens were good as well, though they were cooked in bacon fat, anything tastes good in bacon fat.  The pie was also good. The crust was crunchy and buttery, the filling was creamy and the blueberry's were full and juicy despite being frozen (though at one point they were fresh Dad pointed out).  Happy Birthday Mimi!

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