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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Diamonds Glistening And Glinting

     This morning we went to the gorge.  Up by Bonneville Dam is a little hole in the wall trail.  In the middle of the miles of basalt cliff is a narrow crag made by a raging white water river.  It's a mile to and a mile back to Wachlellah Falls, and the scenery is stunning.  Bridges sweep past some of the smaller waterfalls and even on parts of the trail when you are hundreds of feet above the river the fir and cedar covered canyon walls extend more hundreds of feet above your head.  The waterfall itself plummets fifty or sixty feet into a great bowl.  Fifty meters down the canyon the trail dips under an overhang which, after all this rain, is almost another waterfall.  Cy took off the backpack he'd brought with us and pulled out three flashlights.  He gave the backpack to Mom and Dad and I both took a flashlight.  The cave descended beyond our range of vision.  We walked into the cave, and turned on the flashlights, duck-walking, the rough craggy ceiling glistened above our heads.  The water droplets on the ceiling appeared to be diamonds glistening and glinting in the wavering beams of our lights.  Duckwalking ten meters we saw what appeared to be the end of the cave.  Instead, as we walked along we saw a bend.  We went around the bend, and the light of the outside world disappeared behind us.  Going another two or three meters deeper we stopped and flung rocks to see if we could find the back of the cave.  With no end in site we turned around, decided it was a lava tunnel, and greeted our dog, Sally.  She was quite distressed that her pack had split up.  We plan to go again after spring break and go deeper into the cave.

     Tonight Cy is making taco's.  Mimi has book club and Cy wanted to make something easy.  He browned the meat, over-browned the taco shells and sliced the lettuce.  Friend Ben is also here and brought a Tunnel of Fudge cake for dessert.

     The tacos were good as was the cake.  Sometimes a chocolate cake can taste more like just a brown cake, but this was super chocolate-y with a center that was like fudge.  The dinner was good but the hike this morning was spectacular!!

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