"Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it." ~Unknown

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Perfect One

     For lunch today we went to a new sandwich shop that hides beneath the towering skyscrapers downtown, (Portland isn't New York, but still).  The People's Sandwich of Portland is a Communism themed sandwich restaurant with sandwiches named The Hammer and Pickle (a cubano) or argentino arabiata. All sandwiches come with a side of DicTaterChips.  Sadly Cy isn't making any sort of sandwich tonight.  Instead he's making fettucini alfredo, for a while we had fettucini alfredo every other night, but it's been more than a year since we had it last and Cy is bringing back one of our families favorite dishes.
     The fettucini itself only takes a few minutes to cook so Dad's been slicing the membrane-y bits off a honey-gold grapefruit for a salad.  Ever since my little accident with the mandoline Cy and I have been very much knife averse.  A few moments ago I was watching Mildred (our cat) stalking a squirrel in the back yard.  Then the hunt was interrupted by Dad pouring off the boiling pasta water, then the rising coils of steam shot up, covering the window and obscuring my view.  I've barely started blogging and in a matter of seconds dinner will be served.  In the salad bowl sitting on the marble counter Cy is adding some local olive oil to the salad.  You wouldn't think that you could grow olives in Oregon, or make a profit, but apparently some folks are giving it a try it in nearby Yamhill county.

     The fettucini tasted just like I remember it. Funny thing is now, when I try to recall the old taste, I can only remember the most recent taste.  The salad was good though our excellent local olive oil was a bit lost in its strong flavors. It was a bit of a waste seeing as our local olive oil supply is extremely limited.  The honeygold grapefruit was excellent, the honeygold is a rare variety of white grapefruit, and tastes and looks like the predecessor of all grapefruits, the pomelo.  After we'd all finished eating Cy decided he wanted to make crêpes.  After digging around in our recipe box, he found an old recipe labeled crêpes á la Ben and is cooking a crêpe right now.

     The crêpes were excellent.  Soft and moist, delicate and buttery, they held a multitude of toppings too.  When I first bit in to my carefully prepped crêpe, I tasted the sweetness of the whip cream, and then the nutella's cocoa came in still sweet, but a little sharp, mmmm good.  Two bites later I was at the far end of the rolled crêpes, the nutella was still there, but the whip cream had been replaced by lemon curd and butter.  That was one heck of a crêpe.  That was the first time I've had nutella, and it was quite good (I'm pretty sure were not getting any money from Ferrero).  Cy says my next crêpe is the perfect one.

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  1. 2.20 and 2.06 look too much alike, says the critic. Buttery noodles and salad. What about some insects, turtles, frogs, snakes, alligator (tastes like crocodile)? Keep up the good work.