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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Leek Looks Like An Onion

You've seen alot in our nearly a year of blogging, we've even had our uncle Clark cook one of the dinners, but so far I have always done the posting. That's about to change. Here's our cousin Drew who will be doing the writing for tonight. Here's Drew.
Well it's currently 3:07 PM and Cyrus is already chopping, (killing, slaying and putting to sleep) (quote from Cyrus) the potatoes for potato leek soup.
It was hard for Cyrus to decide what to cook because my little sister Anna, who's also up here for a few days, eats gluten free, so Cyrus finally had the idea of potato leek soup. Now my Uncle Ben is sautéing leeks in butter then adds potatoes and chicken broth. Now as I'm sitting here typing I just had the delightful experience of watching Cyrus try to throw an orange slice into his mouth. And fail. Sally, the dog, snapped up the fallen slice faster than an Alligator.
Before we started cooking, we were playing mattress football which is a very bloody sport (Cyrus and Anna were both bleeding within the first 5 minutes). The game is very similar to football, except it's played on two mattreses next laid end to end, and rather than kicking the ball at the beginning you throw it. Also you can always pass, and there's no safety/ blocking rules. The center doesn't have to hike the ball to the QB, he just starts running while the other man blocks for him or pushes him forward from behind, or goes ahead of the other team and the center tries to throw or hand the ball to him. So basically you just try to get the ball into the endzone anyway you can, in 4 plays. I can hear Anna and Tucker and Cy playing, so I think I'll go join them and come back when more cooking is going on.

The stew just sat around on the stove for a few hours. We eat!

That was a good soup. The chicken was wonderfully well cooked and the broth was salty. It was a delicious counterpoint to the cold apple cider.

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