"Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it." ~Unknown

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Dark November Night

Cy really loves mac' n' cheese. While the rest of our family finds the stuff from the box palatable he loves it. Then, occasionally, Mom will make this excellent, crusted cheesy but not goopy mac' n' cheese. As with most of our other great meals this one comes from the Gourmet cookbooks. Normally Mom will make this mac' n' cheese for us about every three weeks, but it's been a lot longer than that since we feasted on the crunchy cheese and bread crumb topping of this dish. Figures of course, that Cy would be the one to make this dish.
The crust has been mixed together, cheese, bread crumbs, and butter, and the roux that makes up the inside of the mac' n' cheese is being whisked together, red pepper flakes, flour, milk and more butter. Dad is grating more cheese and Cy is stirring the roux. It just started raining hard.
The weather today has been really strange. One moment it's been bright and sunny,the next it's pouring down rain. We were at a birthday party earlier today. It was bright and sunny and a lot of people were on the back deck outside. Then suddenly everyone came rushing in. It was pouring rain. Hey! It stopped raining!

The pasta, roux and crust (not to mention all the butter) have been incorporated in the baking dish and have been sent into the oven for half an hour.

The macaroni and cheese is out of the oven our guest is here and the collard greens are just finished up. We eat!

That was a good dinner. Until now I didn't know that the recipe called for red pepper flakes and Mom didn't put them in, Dad has whipped some cream to go with the loaf cake and the berries that Friend Ben brought. Cy practices his trumpet.
The cake was very good, and with the splash of whip cream and the berries it was a taste of summer on a dark November night.

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