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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meat Cheese Bread

This week just flew by. It seems like just yesterday that we had come home from the beach so I could make clam chowder. On Wednesday Dad left to go to Orlando for an industry conference robbing us of our soús chef and blog editor so Mom asked Cy to cook something a little simpler than usual. Thinking on the simple tack, Cy decided to make closed-face pizza sandwiches. putting us where we are now, him grating cheese and me sitting here by the computer dead tired from my cross-country race earlier today.
We bought really good Vietnamese baguettes and Cy shredded mozzarella and Monterrey jack then sliced open the loaves and set the oven to warming up. Now Cy is spooning pizza sauce onto the lightly toasted baguettes while Mom is sprinkling on cheese. Looks like this last bit is going to go really fast as the cheese melts on to the bread. Not only does this look like it's going to be really good it also took only about half an hour all told.

This was a really good meal for a week like this when it needed to be a quick and simple meal. this was really good and something somebody could make during the week. Cy's working on a strawberry-banana smoothie for dessert. As we were eating the sandwiches, the different layers of the sandwiches reminded us of one of our favorite sandwich restaurants, Meat Cheese, Bread.

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  1. I didn't know you did cross country. So do I. What was your time? Drew