"Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it." ~Unknown

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Like a Last Taste of Summer

The weather here in Portland is changing; our cool, rainy summer has given way to Fall. Today has been true Fall weather, so Cy chose to have one final summer meal, burgers on the grill. He's also dug up a "recipe" for potato wedges. We had BLTs for lunch, (all of a sudden we have about 10# of ripe tomatoes from the garden.) So Cy decided to make use of the leftover bacon grease to make crispy potato wedges.
As the coals warm up Cy shapes burgers and Dad puts the grease covered potato wedges in the oven. I have a feeling that the cooking will end before it's begun. Already the burgers are off to the grill.
Last Sunday Dad said how the sushi that we were making intimidated him. And it scared me too. Back in February, March, and April, we were scared of almost every meal. Each success felt like climbing Everest. But over the summer the meals became less scary. We had become more confident chefs. So I was thinking that some of you probably have a few good, scary, unusual or challenging ideas to offer. Why don't you give us ideas for what to cook. Maybe a dish that scares you, or an interesting local meal. You look at this blog from places as diverse as Moscow, Saigon, Kuwait, London and Omaha, Nebraska. What should we try next? What do you think would make our parents freak out?

Tomatoes are sliced, pickles are slicing themselves (this the coolest gladiatorial combat ever), Potatoes are in the oven, and the burgers have been flipped. I, am ready to eat.

Those were good burgers. But the real star was the potato wedges. These were salty, crispy on the outside and soft, almost mashed-potato like, on the inside. Cy has made us some sort of fruit juice berry puree mix for dessert, they were quite good. Like the rest of the meal they were like a last taste of summer.


  1. Tucker you are a very good writer. I know I have said this before, but it's just so true. Keep it up.
    Kate McCarthy

  2. I thought about how u asked people for scary ideas. Chilled monkey brain. PS I figured out how to post comments. Drew