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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer's Oppressive Heat Hit Us, Hard

Finally, it's all back to normal. Just the five of us (seven if you want to count the dogs), at home, in the kitchen. It's nice to finally be back to normal. Finally back to the routine.
Just Dad and Cy in the kitchen, pulling out the spinal cord of a marinating chicken, now that, you don't see every day.
Tonight Cy's making lemon-garlic marinated chicken and it was the smell of the lemon zest that drew me out of the cool depths of the basement into the too hot kitchen to start writing this. The zest of citrus fruits is probably one of the most under rated things one can find in a produce department. Zest is essentially just the uppermost bit of the peel of the citrus fruit. It can impart the idea of citrus in even the smallest amounts and the smell, I wouldn't be surprised if people in Seattle knew we were zesting a lemon. Zest is pretty strong stuff, and there's a lot in the marinade tonight.

With the marinade done and grill at perfect coals Dad and Cy are working out how to translate the current oven recipe to a grill. I point out that the potatoes are probably becoming overdone. They ignore me.
They put the chicken on the grill and wait and wait and wait. This dinner just seems to be a waiting game. Then just like that BAM! it's ready.

Hmm. That was good. Excellent salad, potatoes creamy beyond belief (the netted gem variety), and a chicken flavor rampant with explosive lemon essence, and cold slightly melted Ice Cream for desert, mmmmmmmm. We ate in the cool depths of the basement tonight, summer's oppressive heat hit us, hard.

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