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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Return From AK, Without Enough Fish

Well, I'm back! I got back from Alaska yesterday afternoon and stepped from the climate controlled airport into, the tropics? After two weeks in Ketchikan it's a little weird to be home but good.

The fishing wasn't very good while I was up there, we only had two keepers, (a silver salmon and a halibut). At least the scenery was amazing. At one point while we made our way to a good halibut spot we passed within five feet of Pancake Rock, A round flat expanse in the middle of our anchorage. Understandably I was worried, five feet away, how deep could it be? My uncle wasn't worried though, he just spun a fishfinder so I could see it, this particular one also showed depth soundings. The reading? 206 ft/68 yd. My fears disappeared, unjustified.

It was unlike any other part of the world, it was just so far away.

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