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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camp Namanu: The 2010 Sunday Dinner Edition

What a week that was. Cy and I are back from camp both tired and thrilled. As always the food was good but this year there were some interesting new ideas. Our grandparents, Memaw and Bamp, are visiting from Kentucky and I wanted to share with them some of our favorite meals from camp.
So for an entrée tonight we find ourselves eating mandogs, something my counselor dreamed up for a cookout. What we did was cook our hot dogs then we put them in tinfoil with pizza topping, marinara sauce (on the stove as we speak), cheese, pepperoni and onion. And it was even better under a starry sky on a cliffs edge, the lights of Portland glowing in the distance.
Then there were the Cheese Zombies, these were a side dish for lunch one day. Cheese Zombies are a lot like cinnamon rolls except, unlike cinnamon rolls, these guys are savory. Instead of a cinnamon sugar mix coating the inside there is cheese. Yummy, wonderful, melted cheese.
For desert we'll have a Camp Namanu classic, Namanu Delight. This is essentially a Jello salad consisting of multiple kinds of Jello, mini marshmallows and the ever important whipped cream. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Right now the marinara is cooking on the stove and the Cheese Zombies have just been pulled from the oven and are still warm, butter brushed on their tops. The grill has been started, the marinara is done and we're just waiting on that grill to start our mandogs. Dad stepped into the garden to harvest half a dozen ears of corn at the last minute.

The dogs are done with their pre-cook and the cream is whipping for our Namanu Delight. Dad and I are making the hobo pack pizza mish-mashes with the dogs, the marinara, cheese pepperoni and olive oil like an assembly line, while everyone else watches the Emmy's in the living room. This dinner will be as good, if not better, than the cookout with my cabin up at Ranch.

That was an excellent meal. We definitely improved upon the original Cheese Zombies but sadly the mandogs were a step down from the originals, many steps down in fact, (though they were still good). While the Zombies were cheesier (hahahahaha) than the originals, the mandogs needed to be cheesier and less sauce-y, I think being served under a star-filled sky in the forest helped the flavor too. The Namanu Delight was excellent, and the increase in serving size from what you get at camp was also a definite improvement.

And in our memories
Dear to our hearts will be
Camp Namanu's sure to shine
All of the time

For those who are interested here's a link to Camp Namanu's website:

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