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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who Was The First Person To Eat Cactus?

A couple of weeks ago we went through a local grocery store to get supplies for our Fourth of July party. While we were walking through the produce department I noticed they sold cactus pads. This intrigued me and I kept thinking about those thick green spiny leaves. And when I was planning today's dinner they were sitting in the back of my head. Then when I noticed the recipe for grilled cactus pad salad, well, I just had to make that.
With the cactus pads in mind I found a recipe for Mexican strip steak and beans to go with our salad and we bought Jarritos, a Mexican fruit soda. To finish off a meal that would hopefully blow away our guests. Visiting us this week from Louisville, Kentucky are my cousins, Lily and Lucy and my aunt and uncle, Clark and Diane. This meal also has an additional bit of importance because not only are they family but they also follow this blog. We hope they're in for a real treat. The beans are nearly done and we have finished the salsa, the steaks are marinating and we have started the grill.
I just finished mashing the avocados in guacamole and the cactus is almost done grilling. There was no way I could have finished this meal tonight without the help of my father and uncle, I think that's probably the most understated part of these dinners, I couldn't do it alone.
This meal from the still-marinating-steaks, to the cactus pads and the guacamole and salsa, is already making my mouth water and we're far from finished as our steaks our still marinating in the refrigerator.
When I went outside to check on the cacti (they weren't ready) I could hear their juices sizzling and popping. I would have stayed out there slobbering and staring at the wonderful leaves but it was too hot, I'm not sure how hot it is, but I'm boiling alive.

The temp has cooled off a bit and our steaks are nearly done, we've finished the cactus pad salad and the beans are finished cooking all that we're waiting on is the steaks which are nearly done.

Oh wow that was an amazing meal, the steaks, the guac, the salsa, the nopales salad, the rice and beans, this was all an amazing meal from start to finish and I wish I had an excellent flavor memory, this was really good food. The beans were perfect and starchy with just a hint of the bacon, the salsa was light and explosive - a steep contrast to the dark flavors of the steak and the guacamole and rice tasted just the way they should. This was a wonderful meal I'll remember for a long time, the food, the family. It was a beautiful night in a beautiful garden with wonderful food.

Oh! I almost forget, the next two weeks I will be fishing in Alaska with my cousins. This means Mom will be covering the writing and Cyrus will cook both weeks. I can't wait till I get there on Wednesday! As Dad puts it I'll be procuring supplies for future meals.

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