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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lasagna Again!

Now that we have a blog and a new recipe Mom convinced me to make lasagna again. And I'm quite excited to try a lasagna dish that isn't so heavily reliant on spinach... (lasagna was actually our third dinner and the second one I cooked). I'll be making garlic bread again and a huge salad. Question is, how does one make "a pre-made Italian spice mix" which the recipe calls for (cheaters) from scratch?bbb
The answer would appear to be to cross that bridge when you come to it. Now just concentrate on the onions and garlic frying in olive oil.

I think I've learned my lesson. stay out of cooking magazines unless you've gone through the recipe multiple times. I just spent about five minutes in total confusion. Maybe it was just poorly written. I hope so. Arrgh. There should not be that much meat juice in the; wait, whats this? A mealworm? On my arm? This is reeking in bad omens.
Clearly I'm overtight. I just need a sec to lean back, smell the basil and garlic, let the strains of The Gladiators (some reggae band) fill my head. Sit back. Look again. Or maybe I should go to the store to get the bread for tonights garlic bread. God. This is going poorly.
Wow. I'm glad I didn't try this recipe for that third dinner. As my peers would have put it it would have been an "epic fail." As it is this one is stretching my fairly new and limited experience of cooking. I bet if you followed the directions word for word it would be easier. "Pre-made Italian spice mix" cheaters.
Finally. The ordeal is over. We got the through the confusing instructions and finally got the lasagna in the oven. Now we have a few minutes to sit back and recuperate before diving headfirst into garlic bread and a salad.
We had a few extra lasagna noodles and more than a little extra sauce so put them together in a bowl for a little appetizer to share with Cy. It was good but missing one thing. Cheese lots and lots of cheese. And that is cooking in the oven with the lasagna. I think I've succeeded and Mimi thinks only she can clean the kitchen. That's fine by me!
I'm also fine with the fact that we have a moment to sit back here. But ya' gotta get back to
work eventually. Like now.
And then you don't have time to write. It was a whirlwind of activity that preceded the
eating. Lasagna out, garlic bread in oven. Increase heat to 400 degrees. Finish salad. Pour wine
for adults. and then we ate by far one of the best meals of all Sunday dinners even if it could
have used a little cayenne kick. A happy mothers day to one and all.

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